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Doomina Vinyl Bundle

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Doomina Vinyl Bundle
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Doomina – Doomina LP

Doomina, the dynamic Klagenfurt-based instrumental post-rock band, have been through a lot since the launch of their remarkable album “Beauty” in 2013, such as changing their lineup and parting with their keyboard player. Only as they were recording “Doomina”, the band re-emerged as the quartet they are now. Guitarist Daniel Gedermann and Christian Oberlerchner (bass), who have been active together as Doomina since 2007, have been joined by Lukas Geyer (guitar) and Erich Kuttnig (drums) to complement the band’s lineup and its full and nuanced sound.

LP, noise44, 2015, several vinyl colors. image shows just an example. 

Doomina – Elsewhere LP

Over all I can only urge all you readers to check out this record and while you are at it, just check out all the other records by Doomina… they are more rough and hard, more agressive, not as beautiful, but nonetheless you can definitively see how they ended up at their best record to date, “Elswhere”. Have fun listening! (Postrock Community)

143 copies, 180gr black vinyl, silkscreened cover, noise49, 2016

Doomina – Orenda

Their journey, which by no means ends here, has yielded their latest album. “Orenda” is the force that connects all living things, spirits and elements; in that same way it connects the listener with the four souls of Doomina.

2xLP (incl. DL), noise70, 2018

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