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Lehnen Vinyl Bundle
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Lehnen – Reaching Over Ice And Waves (DoLP)

The record conveys what it is like to be a foreigner hanging in the balance between two cultures, constantly home-sick regardless of where one goes, paradoxically, finding comfort and familiarity in travel, as travel itself becomes a sort of “home”. Flights, layovers, and airports are warmly welcomed- they are the connector between the traveler and the people and places at the end of the journey. The majority of these sentiments are transported instrumentally, with occasional vocals when lyrics are needed to express specific ideas.

Lehnen – Negative Space

With roaring, caustic distortion, and calming ambience, Lehnen’s fifth studio album, “Negative Space”, explores these concepts without pulling any punches – or giving many answers. Rather, it raises questions and peers into the abyss of depression, if only to proclaim that no one has to feel alone.

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