Ática "1" - EP [Multicoloured 12" vinyl]

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Punk/Post-Punk/Post-Hardcore aus Granada, ES.
Multicoloured 12" vinyl record in plastic sleeve + Insert + Poster + Sticker + Download Code.

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Ática are Carlos and Guille, the union of two nerds from La Zubia, Granada, Spain.
Both of them grew up playing music in some local bands and orbiting genres from progressive-rock to post-hardcore.
At the beginning of 2019, with the intention of being freed by the complex functioning of “leading-guitar” bands, they joined forces to form a project using just bass and drums. From the beginning they have tried to mold their sound obeying the voice of their guts and anxieties and the result is a cavernous, dirty and infectious sound.
Their self-released digi only EP “Ática“ from January 2020 was loud enough to attract Mai Lei Bel interest in the band...

Explosive, dirty, noisy, sometimes maybe even brutal.
All of these words could be used to describe their brand new recordings and debut for Mai Lei Bel. Listening to the 8-tracks (!!) EP will overwhelm you with such a huge influx of energy that you will have trouble recognizing whether or not you happen to be right at the live gig.

Punk/garage/noise/post-punk/alternative/post-hardcore/grunge/indie rock played and recorded as loud and honestly as possible.
This is “1” by Ática.
Just bass, drums and voice.
And a lot of power, distortion and noise.

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