Robert & Shanyio "Palimpsest" [Cassette]

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Palimpsest represents a dosage of acoustic ambient/drone by two Romanian avant-garde artists: Robert Nedelcu & Shanyio. Palimpsest also reveals heavy dosages of ethno and world music, but it seems like both Robert and Shanyio mainly focused on medieval/ethno music of the Balkans. The ethno music of the Balkan peninsula goes perfectly with the organic ambiance and drone aesthetics. You’ll notice how each melody, harmony, accentuation, and articulation seem like a reasonable and logical continuation of every composition. The amount of incorporated instruments is nearly mindblowing as well. Robert Nedelcu performs on instruments such as acoustic/electric guitar, bass, slide, dulcimer, panpipe, caval, blockflute, ney, harmonica, kemence, percussion, Jewish harp, and keyboards. Shanyio decided to perform on dulcimer, kantele, shakuhachi, percussion, which is quite a small amount considering the portion of instruments on his previous albums. Both artists are avoiding regular rhythmic sequences, but you won’t notice the lack of drum beats because there is a decent amount of other percussions included during the entire album. Palimpsest will be more than suitable to the admirers of profoundly detailed world music/ethno sound with a touch of pleasant ambient/drone aesthetics. This particular collaboration album comes on cassette... more on

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