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  The EP "Vienna Tapes" brings together eight selected [dunkelbunt] tracks and their instrumental versions from the years 2015-2019. It is the album of my mental and musical awakening in the realms of the Near – and increasingly – Far East: The journey takes off from the Balkans (Wish) to the Maghreb (Viens Avec Moi, L'Amour fidèle) and Kenya (Mia Kwa Mia) to the Arab Middle East (Space Walker) and then ultimately to India (Le Ta Jaoji, Velavan). –

I am drawn ever more into the vortex of these musical worlds, and with the album release of “Vienna Tapes” I cast the first stone into a raging stream, which I am calling the "Exodus Complex".

Alix Oder Nix's "Weit Weg" (Far Away) is the slogan and the motif of my new production, which got a kick-start with "Wish" during the refugee crisis of 2015/16. Apart from a conducive partnership with the American West Coast musician Will Magid (Balkan Bump), the "Vienna Tapes" draw substantially from the pool of international and globally active musicians in Vienna: Alix Oder Nix, the Berlin MC, a lyrical and performative matador; South Indian singer Anuradha Genrich and jazz singer / songwriters Lisa Cantabile and Mela Maria Spaemann; the rapper Cloud Tissa from Kenya and the Moroccan Raï singer Kadero Rai; finally the Rajasthan-born brothers Haider and Pintoo Khan as brilliant singers and percussionists ... –

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Genre: Hip Hop, Afrobeat, Deep House, Reggae, Trap


- All songs & tracks by [dunkelbunt] -

Volume 1 1. Weit Weg ft. Alix 2. L'amour fidèle ft. Kadero Rai 3. Mia Kwa Mia) ft. Cloud Tissa & Barbara Tavernier 4. Viens Avec Moi ft. Lisa Cantabile & Kadero Rai 5. Le Ta Jaoji ft. Pintoo & Haider Khan 6. Velavan ft. Anuradha Genrich 7. Wish ft. Alix, Mela, Will Magid & Paul Bertin 8. Space Walker

Volume 2 1. Weit Weg (Instrumental) 2. L'amour fidèle (Instrumental) 3. Mia Kwa Mia (Instrumental) 4. Viens Avec Moi (Instrumental) 5. Velavan (Instrumental) 6. Wish ft. Will Magid & Paul Bertin (Instrumental)

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