Drive Moya – The Great End

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Viennese trio Drive Moya make a compelling return with their second album, “The Great End”. Expanding on the unique sounds of their 2019 debut, the band takes their deep love of early 90s alternative genres as a foundation and injects it with a sharp contemporary twist. The resulting album is a rich blend of dreampop, grunge, post-rock, and shoegaze, building up a vivid tapestry of tones and moods, with each track presenting a distinct emotional journey.

The band’s songwriting takes centre stage here, with songs crafted into unique stories, from direct and unembellished indie-rock numbers to atmospherically dense post-rock events. “The Great End” balances the gentle with the energetic, creating suspenseful arcs and showcasing the band’s versatility in creating gripping musical landscapes, inviting listeners to lie back and enjoy the view.

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