Disordered Kind "Fatum" - EP [Multicoloured 12" vinyl]

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Techno aus Bratislava, SK & Kittsee, AT.
Multicoloured 12" vinyl record in plastic sleeve + Insert + Poster + Sticker + Download Code.

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Disordered Kind is a common project of two DJs and techno producers - Leia Drex from Bratislava, Slovakia and FNX from Kittsee, Austria.

Their debut EP "Fatum" is the first release for the small Austrian label Mai Lei Bel and consists of 4 tracks full of an unsettling, oppressive and tense atmosphere.
From the introductory scary number "Awaken" through the nervous "Inkin", unfathomable "Khorin" up to the destruction of "Eiron", "Fatum" gets under your skin on each listen and is guaranteed to make an impression on every DJ or home listener.

Pure, real, genuine techno for courageous ones, put together without any pretension or compromises. Interested in giving it a try?

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