Act Of Nature Beyond Control (EP) - TCM001 - Caged Wolves

Limited Edition Cassette (100 pieces) - by Caged Wolves - ‘Act Of Nature Beyond Control‘ (EP)

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Limited Edition Cassette (100 pieces) - Caged Wolves - Act Of Nature Beyond Control (EP)

„It’ll all largely in likely invisible ways stick around. I think there will be something left to remember that we were here. Doing this. Telling each other stories while the light died.“ - Savannah Brown

During a tumultuous last year and a lot of restlessness and frustration, we felt like we were stuck in a state of limbo. Wanting to create, to belong, yet not being able to do what we love. „Act Of Nature Beyond Control" is a reflection of the struggle of our own existence. The need to find meaning and importance and a neverending drive to create and to leave a mark.

The 3 songs of the EP incorporate the states of mind we went through.

It's the feeling of self-actualization and achieving peace in total self-realization.

„Act Of Nature Beyond Control", while heaving heavy themes that are quite dark and sinister at times, is inherently hopeful. It incorporates the nihilistic truth of creating meaning from nothing and inherently setting you free by accepting a fate coming for all of existence and momentarily being part of an infinity.

We hope you enjoy.


released July 27, 2021
All songs written and performed by Caged Wolves |

Recorded, produced and mixed by Manuel Vlasic at Talisman Sounds, Vienna, Austria

Mastered by Dario Köstinger at MasteredbyDK

Artwork by purea at

© 2021 Tape Capitol Music | - TCM001

All Rights Reserved. Made in the EU.

Special Thanks to:, Philipp Kochman, Fabian Weiss, AxxelDrums Studio

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