GZ025 Æshma Dæva - ÆONOIR

Comfort in darkness.
The Salzburg musician's album ÆONOIR contains a lot of frightening darkness. But the more you let yourself be sucked in by the atmosphere of this album, the more the fear fades away and a slight sense of hope arises. ÆD skilfully combines the most diverse elements of modern rock music into a conglomeration of melody and experimental sounds.
ÆD almost felt compelled to make this album. ÆONOIR is cathartic, a soundtrack of despair and hope alike. The guest singers act like visitors in the enraptured world of ÆD and round off the album into a holistic sound experience.

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Artist: Æshma Dæva
Cat. No.: GZ025
Style: Ambient, Dark Wave, Post Metal

1. 317 06:40
2. ERR0R[T]3RR0R 08:21
3. VER[D]ERBM (ft. VX) 11:05
4. BE[RG]GRØBM 03:03
5. A. LI[V]E 05:47
6. SCHÅTTNSEITN (ft. T. L.) 05:09
7. 416 06:52
8. GÅTTA (ft. T. L.) 06:42
9. F60.31 08:15
10. D[R]ÆKADENZ 03:58
11. SCHERBM 05:39
12. TRYPTAMEN (ft. Cle Pecher) 09:18
Æshma Dæva digital:

Written, recorded and produced by Stephan Homschek (c) grazil Records 2022

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