Chorosia - A Call To Love (Tape/CD)

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The band, which is active since 2017, describes their music as "Progressive Sludge Metal", but it is difficult to point with the finger to a certain style.

While the album starts very unforgivingly with the title track "A Call To Love" - grindcore-heavy chaos interludes with cutting mid-tempo metal riffs - the album also turns into
doom-like structures. Similar to the cover artwork, the album leaves puzzles and invites you to listen to the work again and again.
A raw, rusty guitar sound that cuts wounds in the soul and flows like hot lava over the whole body in songs like "Seeds Of Hate" or "Wounds".
In its relatively short existence, CHOROSIA has already shared the stage with Crowbar, Dopelord, Black Tusk, The Skull, Neurosis and Yob and one does not exaggerate with the claim that
these same bands significantly influenced "A Call To Love" too.
There are 9 tracks on the album, which are both diversified and coherent. 61 minutes that are tough:

GZ014 CHOROSIA - A Call To Love
1. A Call To Love
2. Seeds Of Hate
3. Daredweller
4. Dune Messiah
5. Innocence
6. Hope County
7. Wounds
8. Wisdom Of The War
9. Star Veins


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