Mossadeq/Violență Domestică - CZECH/Zerfall (Split CD)

Mossadeq/Violență Domestică - CZECH/Zerfall Split CD (8 panel digisleeve). Released through Grazil Records/Teratogen.

With CZECH, Mossadeq will release the second album in 2021 after the full-length concept album 'Hospital'. The 6 new tracks form Side A of the split album 'Mossadeq-CZECH / Violență Domestică - Zerfall‘.

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Mossadeq/Violență Domestică - CZECH/Zerfall (Split CD 8 panel Digisleeve)

Side A: Mossadeq - CZECH

Musically, the range extends from classic, psychedelic Hard Rock ('The Nurse', 'Knights In Shining Armor') to experimental EDM and dub influences
(Škodub, The Sisters) to sludgy instrumental intro and outro tracks (Václav, Czech). CZECH will probably have a disturbing effect on genre purists. Mossadeq wants to reach people,
who are open to new musical approaches and interpretations, who are not intimidated by traditionalists and who take the risk of something to get to know new things, even if they don't 
like the musical world of Mossadeq.
In the ideal case, the result is an exciting and varied short trip to CZECH, a trip on which you get to know new people, pictures, areas and moods - and maybe
never forgets this little journey.

Side B: Violență Domestică - Zerfall

Violență Domestică's part "Zerfall" (Decomposition) is a story about getting older in a 
diseased world without accomplishing anything valuable and wishing to end it all, told in 
six catchy Experimental Industrial songs.

Tracklist Split Album

1. Václav 04:31
2. The Nurse 04:18
3. Škodub 03:47
4. Knights In Shining Armor 03:24
5. The Sisters 03:33
6. Czech 03:32

7. Exhausted 03:51
8. Flies on a Pile of Shit 03:47
9. Worthless 03:46
10. Another broken Resolution 03:55
11. Benumbed 04:19
12. Suicide Note 03:31

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