Mossadeq - Adolf Resister (Vinyl)

What makes us being human? What makes people victims, perpetrators or resisters? Why were people like the Scholl siblings or Aurelia and Franz Mikusch willing to risk their lives for their fellow human beings? Why do these people have empathy and backbone and others don't? Adolf Resister doesn't ask any political questions and it's also not a political album. The questions asked on the album are philosophical in nature. The songs are the soundtrack to these questions.

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Artist: Mossadeq
Album: Adolf Resister
Cat.Nr.: GZ026
Label: grazil Records
Release Date: 11.11.22

1. Currency
2. Rot Adolf Rot
3. Chor Der Verdammten
4. Vladimir
5. Pol Pot
6. Mao

Side Resister

7.  First World Fire
8.  Weiße Rose
9.  Liar King
10. Odessa
11. Resister
12. Aurelia und Franz Mikusch
13. Gloria
14. Rosa Parks

Guest Vocals:

Stefan Rindler (Nekrodeus, Saturnists)
Martin Langmann (Morbid Abomination, Tortured Souls)
Michael Schmuck (Thosar, Mandaground)
Tobias Hirsch (moriz)
Liliana Olczak

Recorded at grazil basement box studio (May/June 2022) 
All songs written and produced by Cle Pecher 
Mastered by Greg Chandler at Priory Recording Studios, London, UK 
Artwork by Jörg Vogeltanz / 
Layout by Dr.Winter / 

Cle Pecher: Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Synths, Lyrics 

Thanks and greets: 

Dr.Winter & Teratogen, Lukas Fischer, Michael Schmuck und Robert Stelzer &Thosar, Liliana Olczak, Doc Nachtstrom, Maria, Nina, Julia, Martin, Simon, Niki, Herma & Gerhard Pecher, Tobias, Florian, Vera & Gabriele Hirsch, Familie Kristoferitsch, Jörg Vogeltanz, David Hebenstreit, Stefan Rindler, Team Jugend- und Kulturzentrum Explosiv, Radio Helsinki, Martin Langmann & Morbid Abomination, Philipp Reitbauer, Thomas Schuc, Alexander Gratzer and all I forgot... 

A big shout out to all grazil Records bands and all supporters! 

Dedicated to all victims of war and dictatorship.

(c) 2022 grazil Records

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