Chorosia - Stray Dogs (CD)

Unleashing the prog/post-sludge fury! Chorosia’s “Stray Dogs” EP – Out September 15th via Grazil Records and Kvlt und Kaos Productions! Hailing from Vienna, Austria, Chorosia delivers a 35-minute transformative odyssey, combining raw power and haunting melodies. It’s a given: this EP’s signature blend of harsh growls and compelling instrumentation will shatter you.
Enhanced by the acclaimed artwork of Orion Landau, known for collaborations with Yob, Russian Circles, Inter Arma, and Red Fang, “Stray Dogs” is a visual and auditory journey like no other.

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Cat.No. GZ036
Artist: Chorosia
Album: Stray Dogs
Style: Progressive Sludge Metal
Labels: grazil Records, Kvlt und Kaos Productions


1 Stray Dogs
2 The Shrike (Fire Assault)
3 Tintinnabula
4 Reflections
5 Hands, Switchblades, and Vile Vortices

“Hands, Switchblades, and Vile Vortices”-Video

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